A collection of functional objects which have been coloured by the materials present in Scandinavian nature and waste materials from local industry, collected and prepared by hand. Collected by hand tells the story of sustainability in a contemporary studio design practice which encompasses materiality at its core. Through this body of work we seek a new direction in object development, one which utilises and connects on a deeper level with its surroundings, attempting to bridge the gap between material and maker. With the collected soils from Bornholm prefecture, and waste materials we aim to investigate the colour properties of the material collected. Due to the materials which we use, and the production methods each object will be unique and the outcome of each kiln firing will be difficult to reproduce. So, when purchasing this product you have to keep in mind that it will be a limited edition product, and you cant always expect to order the same piece again. We hope you see the beauty of this, just as we do.