Between November and February 2018, Designers and makers Annelie Grimwade Olofsson and G.William Bell met weekly with Wood Turner and artist Hans-Henning Pedersen to discuss their Common Ground. Conceived originally as a project in which the innate properties of the materials Glass and Wood could be explored and highlighted through technique and form, this project evolved into so much more. The title Common Ground reflects the nature of collaboration, three individuals coming from quite different backgrounds, educations, experiences and thoughts begin the journey of a common project. At first it feels as though a coherent body of work would be all but impossible, but through talking, sketching and a strong desire to create, thoughts, ideas and indeed lives become intermingled. Resulting in a collaborative process where the body of work is viewed as a series of sketches in which materiality, meeting points, form, design and the nature of being a maker in the 21st century are explored.

COMMON GROUND is elected to USF2019 and are currently represented by ArkDes.

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