My work is dedicated to the investigation of alternative mining resources. I have collected & researched natural soil from Bornholm prefecture and the industrial waste sediments from water treatment & waste-to-energy plants located in it. 

Curious to know about the origin and production of ceramic materials, I initiated my research on Bornholm. Here, large quantities of natural resources are extracted every year. Bornholm has played an important role in the manufacturing of ceramics in Denmark, because of vast variety in natural resources in comparison with the rest of the country. But as industrialisation and globalisation grew, the cost of materials dropped, and a major number of industries were forced to close down. This resulted is a landscape left with the remains of industry including buildings, mines and piles of raw materials that have been discarded, which now characterises the local environment.

During my investigations I learned about other industries besides the mining industry. As I was researching local materials, which I to a large degree thought about as naturally occurring materials in the nearby environment, I began to consider the word nature, things which are. In the broadest sense, it is the natural, physical, or material world around us. It might be referred to as the physical world, and to life in general. Although humans are part of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena. Since ancient times humans have taken materials present in the surrounding nature and turned them into something new. Thus I began to look at local materials in a new light and in a broader sense. How can the alternative mining of ceramic materials help to inform humanity of our unsustainable life habits and at the same time ease the pain of ecological grief? 


The work conceived by this research has resulted in COLLECTED BY HAND  and WASTELAND both of which have been named after the process carried out during collecting material for the research and which reflect the importance of materiality in the 21st century.  They also give an impression of the impact their respective footprints have left on earth. 

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